Reaching the Most Reachable

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Reaching the Most Reachable


Summer is here.  The unseasonable heat is the main topic of conversation.  Time to break out the water coolers, cottons and lassi. Summer also means vacation time for school children.  Take a walk through your neighborhood.  Do you see the children outdoors running, squealing, playing cricket or badminton?

Summer is more than heat, vacation, and cool drinks.  At New Life A.G. it is Children’s Summer Outreach time. Last year we had such a good response to our call for Carecells and others to hold Children’s Camps in your neighborhoods.  In April and May we had twenty-nine outreaches in localities from Medchal to Attapur, and many points in between.  A total of 2,341 children attended these camps and best of all, 793 responded to the invitation to receive Jesus as their Saviour.   We were excited to note that the number who responded for salvation was almost the same number of children that we have enrolled in our regular Sunday school classes.  To God be the glory!  And a very big “thank you” to all of you who participated in making the Summer Outreach so successful. 

In the beautiful parable of the Sower (Matthew 13) Jesus tells about a farmer who went out to sow his seed.  He was disappointed that some fell on unfavorable places—hard, rocky soil where it could not take root.  The farmer knows better than to sow his seed on hard and dry ground that has not been stirred for months.  Should not we, as we sow the gospel seed, be as wise as he?  Sun and rain and the passing of time make ground hard.  Satan has many ways to make the hearts of children hard.  The time to lead them to Christ is while their hearts are still tender.

An evangelist was talking to children, and he showed them two candles.  One was long, the other short.  He said the candles represented an old man and his young grandson.  Neither of them had heard of Jesus, but someone told them the story of salvation and each accepted Jesus as Saviour.  The evangelist then lit the candles and asked the children which candle represented the old man and which one represented the little boy.  The children told him the long candle represented the old man, because it was taller.

“No,” the evangelist replied, “the long candle stands for the little grandson.”   The children thought for a moment.  Then one boy said, “I know why.  Because he has the chance to shine longer for Jesus.”

There are crowds of children and youth in our communities who need the Saviour.  It is easier to lead them to Christ when they are young and their lives will yield greater fruit.  The Lord Jesus is waiting to take them in His arms and bless them as He blessed the children of Judea so long ago. 

Have you been sowing on hard ground? Would you like to volunteer to be a part of this exciting summer outreach? We are ready to help you. Call our office at 040-66385450/51 and reach the most reachable.